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Gmfu meaning - This is the most important thing you should do

Gmfu meaning - This is the most important thing you should do

Gmfu meaning - This is the most important thing you should do

Gmfu. If you haven't heard of it, then you're likely wondering,what it is, What is Gmfu meaning and why it's so important that you know about it. 

Gmfu stands for the phrase get more followers and can be used to add emphasis to any sentence or phrase. If you have less than 300 followers on social media and you want to boost your numbers, then tweet Gmfu! 

This can help get your message across in a very creative way and can lead to more followers if used correctly! Here are some other examples of how to use this acronym.

What does gmfu mean?

What does gmfu mean? sounds like it's a simple question, but it could be anything. While there are many definitions of this acronym, the only one that has any relevance to entrepreneurship is Great Minds Think Alike. 

And while the term may not relate directly to business in and of itself, it's still an important factor when starting one. The philosophy behind GMFU is that a good idea can come from anyone but for a person or company to succeed in this increasingly competitive world, they need to work together. 

GMFU relates to working with others in order to have success; on your own all you're likely going to get out of it are bruises and frustration. Gmfu meaning great minds think alike, and sometimes having that something happens so infrequently that you don't want to take any chances by waiting until someone else thinks of it first. 

Gmfu is about collaboration, cooperation, and openness. It's also about being able to work well with people who aren't just like you or who don't always agree with what you say everyone has something valuable to contribute and Gmfu embodies all of these things. 

In order for a business plan (or even the start of one) to be successful in today's climate, it needs at least three components: An idea, resources (money), and relationships. 

Those relationships include connections within the industry as well as collaborators outside of it. You've got to know how to draw upon people inside and outside of your network for knowledge, connections, insight, assistance and support if you hope to reach your goals. 

Gmfu means taking a chance when there isn't really anything left in the pool but blind faith because sometimes no matter how much preparation you put into an undertaking, it never works out anyway because luck is more powerful than any amount of strategizing.

Reasons why you need to gmfu daily

The word gmfu has no real definition, and it could have meant different things to various groups of people. So what does it really mean? To me, Gmfu meaning hard work. 

It means passion for life. It means being able to rise with the sun in order to greet another beautiful day. I'm reminded of a proverb my mother would often recite: If you can't give up what you want, then at least give up what you don't want. 

But how are we supposed to know which one we need to let go of? The answer lies within this statement. We must identify our weaknesses so that we can start gaining strength in other areas where they matter most. 

The ultimate goal is to be well rounded, not too weak and not too strong. You'll never see someone who excels in everything but falls short on nothing. And this goes back to the importance of self knowledge: knowing your strengths and weakness, your past failures as well as successes, your goals, etc. 

Knowing all these will enable you to better develop strategies for success and avoid pitfalls along the way. This is the most important thing you should do, every single day. 

No person deserves to live an average life, devoid of true love or achievement. 

If there's anything more worth doing than taking care of yourself first and foremost (and if there isn't), please tell me now because I am definitely missing out!

The power of a gmfu mindset

I was born with cerebral palsy. As an infant, I had a hard time moving around and transferring. I was in a full body cast for months on end. 

At one point my parents were told to give up hope that I would walk or talk because they thought I may have brain damage from lack of oxygen. 

Now, I'm 26 years old and have three jobs to cover medical expenses because neither of my parents can work anymore due to health issues caused by working for decades without a break to look after me. 

Just think about it for a second: if someone had told me not long ago that this would be my life, how different would it be? That's what Gmfu meaning to me. 

It means never giving up and taking every opportunity possible. It means saying yes to anything that will make your life better, no matter how challenging it might seem at first. 

It means being grateful for every single day you are alive and every single opportunity that comes your way . It means being confident enough to believe in yourself, even when everyone else thinks you're wrong. It means doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals so that you can live the best life possible!

Start your day with gmfu today

I know what Gmfu meaning! Gonna make a fool of you. It was something my dad would say when I couldn't get what he was trying to teach me or made a silly mistake. 

That way, it didn't feel like he was yelling at me for no reason; instead, I felt like I had his support and permission to try again even though it wasn't working out well. It's forever been one of my things about him. 

Gonna be making fools of people all day today... on purpose. We'll see how that goes for me. It might be good to take some time in between projects, too. 

Sometimes when I get stuck on ideas for where to go next with an assignment, I just move onto something else until inspiration hits again. And there are some days where we just need a break from work because we're burnt out- which isn't bad!


What does it mean when someone tells you to Gmfu? You've probably been in this situation before, or have heard a similar phrase being said. 

Is this word a contraction of two words (gimme five)? Does it have something to do with taking? What does gmfufu really mean? The answer may surprise you, and hopefully shed some light on what Gmfu meaning. Gmfu has nothing to do with either of these meanings. 

It actually stands for Give me five up front, which basically means that you want someone to give you money upfront instead of waiting until after they deliver their product or service. For example, if someone offered to sell me a used car for $5000 but wanted $1000 up front, I would tell them No way! Gmfu!


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