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Don't you lecture me with your 30 dollar website

Don't you lecture me with your 30 dollar website

Don't you lecture me with your 30 dollar website

If you have 30 dollar website  and 15 minutes, you can have an awesome website, I know because I did it! Who cares if you don't know what the heck you're doing? I didn't either! 

That's why in this guide I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to make your first website in under 15 minutes with your limited budget. 

If you're as sick of being told that you need thousands of dollars to build a website as I am, then follow my guide and see what it's like to not give a crap about the naysayers!


1. Choosing the right domain name

There are three things to consider when picking the domain name for your site: 

1. the market, what keywords you want people to type in when they are looking for it, and how easy it is to remember. Choosing a keyword that matches your idea will help people find your site. 

2. This can make or break traffic in the long run. If a person finds your site through a search engine, this may also be what leads them to choose one of the sites that shows up after clicking on the keyword as well. 

3. Make sure that whatever you pick doesn't sound too silly and has some form of meaning if possible.


2. Creating a WordPress Website

Do not let the title of this blog post deceive you, I am about to teach you how to create a 30 Dollar Website

This is an important introduction for people like myself who don’t have any coding experience whatsoever and know just enough about HTML/CSS to be dangerous. 

This can be a very informative tutorial for people that are really tech savvy but are working on a budget. If anything, it will be very eye opening for those of us out there who have never touched CSS or HTML in our lives. Let’s get started. 

·        The first thing we're going to do is go over all the different pieces that make up WordPress. 

·        Next, we'll install WordPress onto our hosting account. 

·        We'll then set up a domain name and point it towards our new site (this part may vary depending on your domain provider). 

·        We'll download WordPress onto our local computer, edit some files so they match what we want them to say, upload everything back to the server. 

·        Don't worry if this sounds intimidating because my goal was to show you that making a website doesn't need to cost hundreds of dollars. In fact, for most people, the only investment required is their time!


3. Buying hosting

You don't need to know how to code to make a 30 dollar website. It's just a matter of buying hosting and finding or making something (an app, a plugin, a script) that will do the work for you. 

But there are some caveats. You're not going to find as many templates out there as you might want, and if the template doesn't work well with the platform of your choice, it may cost more than 30 dollars to actually build a site. 

Also, most people have trouble working with HTML and CSS. If you have an idea in mind, though, it's worth the time investment to learn them so that you can edit your own site on any level as needed. 

The last thing is that when you use WordPress as a platform, unless you do things right (read: expensive), anyone can hack into your blog and put whatever they want on it without paying for hosting themselves.

Bluehost buying  process is quick and easy. I'll show you how it works now. To buy hosting from Bluehost, click here. When you get to their homepage, click Create your free account. 

There's a few tabs at the top of the page. Find Hosting on the list and click it. Scroll down to where it says Select A Plan and pick whichever one suits you best. Don't worry about which plan is cheapest because they all come with everything we need.


4. Choosing Theme

If I wanted to create a 30 Dollar Website, I wouldn't use Squarespace. But really, it doesn't matter what platform or template I chose. No matter how good the site is, no one is going to be engaged on a site that looks like. So if I want people to actually click on anything on my 30 Dollar Website, it needs to look good. 

Best Theme jnews wp mag adsence friendly theme and fast loading, mobile friendly , search engine optimized themes for blog sites. Since 2010 our team has been designing themes which would later become one of the most popular WordPress templates in the world 

What about this other $40 site? It's not as flashy but it does have more features so there are tradeoffs, but we'll just say that most of us don't need more than these basic features (options) because we're using this template as a starting point.


5. Adding Plugins

1.First, we'll install the following plugins: 

Plugins that improve the website design for an immediate impact on your visitors 

·        make responsive to enable it to resize depending on device used to view it 

·        Zurb Foundation for design and form needs 

·        Right Click Image to add backgrounds, borders, or badges to images 

·        Gravity Forms which allow users to create forms and require submissions         without coding skills 

·        Divi Builder will save time by allowing you drag and drop elements instead of using a template.

2. Second, while WordPress provides some basic SEO settings out of the box, we recommend adding more advanced settings through Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin. 

3. Thirdmost websites should include social media icons for easy integration of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

4. Fourth, everyone's site needs at least one contact form! So we'll use the Gravity Forms plugin to build one quickly and easily. 

To get started, first select New Form from the left side menu. Next, give your form a name (Contact) and then click Add Form Fields. 

You can now choose what fields you want on your contact page in this case I'm only going to need a few fields including Name, Email Address, Subject (optional), Message (optional), Phone Number (optional). 

When done selecting fields scroll down to Preview Form & Publish where you can see how it will look as well as publish or cancel the form altogether.


6. Installing WooCommerce

The WooCommerce plugin has made it possible for small businesses to make a 30 dollars website. They have everything one needs to create a professional looking online store with zero coding knowledge, meaning that anyone can do it. 

It comes as no surprise that it is by far the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin right now. WooCommerce is also free, making starting up shop even easier.

There are two main components that one needs to run a store on WooCommerce: a domain and hosting service for the domain, and an internet connection so customers can see the store and browse its products from their browsers. 

One will need to register a domain name before setting up their site. If someone doesn’t want to go through all of this hassle, they could just buy a 30 dollar website that's already built out and running (like our company). 

Buying or building, there are still some considerations one must take into account when looking at which solution suits them best:

1) How much experience does the user have? 

2) How complex is the store going to be?

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